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    Shantala, child massage by Mahaveer Swami

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    My show kicks this much ass… BoJack Horseman, only on NetflixUK

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    Navadurga 7


    May the ever watchful Durga Devi Katyayani, who holds shining Chandrahasa (Sword) in Devi’s hand and rides a magnificent lion and destroys the demons, bestow welfare on me. When Maa Parvati’s Partial expansion took birth in Sage Katya’s home and gets energy from trinity and demi Gods, then the Goddess was known as Maa Katyani

    by Mahaveer Swami

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    "The only drug I need is horse." BoJack Horseman, only on NetflixUK

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    Sure, wild sea otters are cute—but did you know they help promote recovery of seagrass beds in places like nearby Elkhorn Slough? In turn, those grasses provide an  important habitat for young fish, protect shorelines from storms, and soak up carbon dioxide.

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