1. "Everything you always wanted to know about Woody Allen, but were afraid to ask"

  2. Please, play/sing me a song..

  3. Look at that boy, walking all alone..

  4. Omg, he’s perfect: likes cats, looks handsome when he sleeps, likes books, like music, likes blankets, dark hair, a writer, an actor, doesn’t mind if it’s a bit messy, does’t look stupid with a headphone, what else can I say about this pic…damn. 

  5. Ian:

    "Human beings love things that are sexy but scary. [I feel sexiest] first thing in the morning, when I’m most relaxed. I have three animals in the bed, and there’s fur everywhere in the sheets. It would be a little weird for me to say that I feel sexy with all my kitties. I would be ‘that guy.”

  6. Oh yeah.

  7. He even takes his time for his fans!

  8. From the movie Stay

  9. Never forget me.

  11. omfg, this picture of Ryan Gosling is just….enormously hot, his unshaved face, his “huh what?” look, that thing on his tummy, it reminds me of: http://justnotthatordinary.tumblr.com/post/18072343950/this-is-not-normal-just-look-omg-this-does-make

  14. This is not normal. Just look..OMG. This does make smart girls stupid. True story.

  15. James Mcavoy being cute